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  Help ‘Wanted’: Fine actors looking for plausible plotline [06/27 10:17]

The caliber of acting required to make “Wanted” could have been provided by the underpaid stunt doubles.

  Movie Review: 'WALL-E' - I, lonely robot [06/27 10:14]

With the voices of Ben Burtt, Elissa Knight and Jeff Garlin. Directed by Andrew Stanton. (G. 97 minutes. At Bay Area theaters.

  Nets trade Richard Jefferson to Bucks for Yi Jianlian [06/27 10:05]

The championship era is completely over for the Nets - unless they can begin a new one next season.

  NASA: Tests show Martian soil can support life [06/27 09:51]

June 26, 2008 (Computerworld) Finding more familiar than alien elements, NASA scientists today announced that their initial analysis found that Martian soil could support life.

  EEC简介 [05/17 12:02]

英语学习频道--EEC(English Education Channel); 英语学习频道--EEC(English Exchange Culture); 英语学习频道--EEC(Emotion, Easy, Care)

  EEC创建背景 [05/16 15:53]

英语是世界第一语言,《英语学习》频道正是在这一大背景下开设的. English is undoubtedly the “No. 1” language in the world. English Education Channel (EEC) has launched within the atmosphere of learning English.

  中国电视的数字化趋势 [05/16 11:14]